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Specialist Expert Brokerage

You need to be ready with access to the best products and the best terms when your clients come to you with a specialty risk – no matter how big, small or challenging.


At XPT, our exceptional team of brokers have deep industry expertise to find the best coverage for your clients – from construction to transportation to events and more. Our experts’ depth of knowledge goes beyond only carriers to truly understanding the actual coverage and exclusions.


Our specialists work together to place your insureds – so you have the combined expertise of an entire team working for you to solve problems others can’t. We welcome challenges – are passionate about cracking them – with an eye always on giving you the best value.

Exclusive Solutions Access

Exclusive Products in addition to the market:

With XPT, you will have exclusive market access to a wider selection of high-quality products, programs, and carriers unavailable through other insurance brokers. Our exclusive access to partners, products and delegated authority provides you with better, unique options for your clients – and gives your agency a competitive advantage. It’s a network and knowledge base built over decades that no one else can match.

Having access to products isn’t enough – it’s how you deploy them that counts. We help you navigate the complexity of the market for your organization’s unique needs and provide support on every option at your disposal.

Supporting Smaller Business

Large and Small:

At XPT, we believe that a true partner helps you with all your challenges – big, small or difficult to place.  We take pride ensuring that every insured that comes across our desks is handled by our specialist experts with the same amount of time, effort and expertise. Where others prioritize the largest insureds, XPT is structured to also serve your small and midsize insureds without compromise.

By presenting better options for your smaller insureds, you’ll grow your clients’ loyalty and gain larger business. We’ll be here ready with support for your larger insureds without wasting time on getting up to speed.

Service Efficiency:

Our specialists will work closely with you to understand the specific needs of each insured and risk. From brokerage to underwriting, you can be confident that our specialist team is working efficiently to find your clients the best deals. We do this because we are committed to providing the best service and creating the most value for our clients every time.

Always Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we identify new products, implement new services, and continually adapt how we work to best serve the interests of our partners. So, you can stay ahead of the curve over the long term.

Leading evolution:

In a constantly evolving commercial insurance environment where new risks can emerge at any time, XPT is the wholesale provider with the access, relationships, and drive to stay two steps ahead of the latest trends and innovation. That has the vision to anticipate your needs for years to come.


Finger on the pulse to increase service value:

We are always on the lookout for the products, services, and technologies you need to provide the best service to your clients. Plus, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, with close relationships to carriers that provide us insight into upcoming market shifts. There’s never any doubt that you will receive access to the latest developments and innovations in the markets you need.

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