XPT Specialty Welcomes Binding & Brokerage Team to Fuel Expansion in the Middle Atlantic and Northeast Region

January 25, 2024 – XPT Specialty (www.xptspecialty.com) is pleased to announce the hiring of a highly experienced and successful production and underwriting team led by Gregg Guerreiro, EVP & Regional Leader, Kayte Haney, AVP & Underwriting Manager, Michael Haney, Underwriter, Amanda Wagner, Underwriter, Alex Walbrandt, AVP/Underwriter and Jon Gindhart, Underwriter.  This addition is notable, underscoring XPT’s dedication to expansion and its objective of recruiting top-tier wholesale specialists. This aims to enrich the company’s knowledge base and provide clients with the highest service and placement standards achievable, facilitated by XPT’s collaborative efforts and culture.

This recently onboarded team brings with them a wealth of expertise and a proven track record within the hybrid binding/small brokerage insurance sector. Their exceptional knowledge, unwavering dedication, and commitment to delivering outstanding service align seamlessly with XPT’s mission of providing the highest quality insurance solutions to our esteemed clients.

“We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to this outstanding team of wholesale specialty brokers & underwriters as they become a part of the XPT family,” remarked Kyle Stevens, Group Executive Vice President. “Their inclusion reaffirms our dedication to delivering unparalleled insurance services and reinforces our position as an industry leader in the binding authority and small brokerage arena.”

This addition marks a significant milestone in XPT’s journey of growth and expansion. It exemplifies the company’s ability to attract and seamlessly integrate top-tier brokers and underwriters, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the best-in-class insurance services and solutions.

Mark Smith, President, expressed excitement about this strategic move saying, “The synergy between our existing team and the Mid Atlantic team is inspiring.  Together, we are poised to elevate our industry standing and delivery unmatched value to our clients.”

As XPT Specialty continues to expand its presence and broaden its offerings in the insurance sector, clients can anticipate even more comprehensive insurance solutions, thoughtfully tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Gregg Guerreiro can be contacted at greggguerreiro@xptspecialty.com.

About XPT Specialty 

XPT is your eXpert Partner Team for wholesale insurance. A team of specialist experts collaborating to efficiently bring the greatest value. Listening to client partners enables the service culture that anticipates needs and leads to true partnership. The unique win-win approach multiplies the value XPT brings to its clients and market partners.

XPT brings together wholesale brokerage and binding firms across many specialty lines through acquisitions and new product development. XPT stands apart by delivering expertise through a collaborative partnership culture. www.xptspecialty.com  Contact:  Kyle Stevens  kyle.stevens@xptspecialty.com

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